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The use of the Web Access Symbol does not guarantee that this site is 100% accessible. The use of this symbol
only denotes an effort to improve the accessibility of this web site conforming to the "Resolução do Conselho
de Ministros" Nº97 / 99 that addresses Web content accessibility to people with disabilities in public
administration websites.

The pages created by MediaPrimer, except those labeled as "not accessible", guarantee accessibility to people
with disabilities. This guarantee is not applicable to those pages managed by people / institutions other than MediaPrimer.

This website's accessibility can be improved by reading the guidelines described in the Help section.

The following Acessibility Rules - Guidelines were used:

  • W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  • U.S. Government's Section 508 guidelines
  • Guia de boas práticas na construção de web sites da administração directa e  indirecta do estado
      (version 2.0 / 22 July 2001)

To test the website's accessibility the following tools were used:

  • Jaws 4.01 screen reader for Windows
  • Bobby 3.2 web page accessibility checker
  • Macromedia's accessibility checker for web pages
    (supplied with Dreamweaver Ultra Dev)
  • Opera 7 web browser

Resources on Web accessibility

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