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Site Structure | Accesskeys | Browsers and Operating Systems

Site Structure

This website is divided into eight main sections, which may contain subsections. These main sections are:

These sections are grouped in a main navigation menu that can be skipped by screen-readers using the
ALT + X accesskey. All these sections have their own accesskey attached.

Some pages of this site present content that is not accessible to people with disabilities. All links
to these pages are identified by a label warning the users that the linked document is not accessible
to people with disabilities.



Several accesskeys have been implemented in an attempt to help users access the main sections of the
website and to navigate within the site.

To invoke these access keys on systems running Windows one has to press the ALT key in addition to the
access key, while on MAC systems one needs to press the CONTROL key in addition to the access key.

Internet Explorer users will need to press the ENTER key after the access key to follow the link.

Accesskey Legend:
  • Home Page: H
  • Site Map: M
  • Help Page: A
  • Presentation Page: P
  • Ruins Page: R
  • Museum Page: U
  • News Page: N
  • Links Page: L
  • Glossary Page: G
  • Contactos Us: C
  • Search Page: S
  • Frequently Asked Questions (faq): F
  • Credits: Z
  • Skip Main Navigation Menu: X
  • Jump Top of the Page: T

The following access keys may differ according to your browser or operating system. They were tested under
Windows using Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla web browsers.

  • Go back one page: ALT + left arrow
  • Go forward one page: ALT + right arrow
  • Select the Following Link: TAB
  • Select the Previous Link: SHIFT + TAB
  • Close the Application: ALT + F4


Browsers and Operating Systems

This website is optimized for Internet Explorer 6+ and Netscape 7+. Tests were also performed with Opera 7 and Mozilla 1.2.1.

We reccomend the use of the Opera 7 browser. It provides options to enhance the acessibility of the web site,
such as: high contrast mode, increasing the font size, etc. However it should be noticed that, at the time of writing,
this browser still has some problems interpreting CSS, so the web pages may not show formatted as intended.

We reccomend the use of operating system dependant capabilities to enhance accessibilty. On platforms
running Windows operating system, the use of the Magnifier and Accessibility Wizard tools (which can be
found in Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility) greatly improves this website's accessibility.


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