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Basin or fountain used for ablutions.

Small, heated room in the thermae where steambaths were taken. It usually was round in plan and domed.

Late Empire
Period of the Roman history that traditionally begins in 192 A.D. with the murder of Commodos and is characterized by a strong political and economical instability, that it will drive to the end of the Roman empire.

Slave to whom the freedom was given.

Duodecimal unit of weight equivalent of 323,258 gr. or 327,45 gr.: it also means scales of Greek origin (talentum).

Ligula, ae
Instrument used for the preparation of cosmetics or medicines.

Wind instrument similar to a trumpet.

Type of blue nenuphar.

Lucerna, ae
Olive oil lamp for illumination.

Ludus latrunculorum
Game played by soldiers vaguely similar to draughts.

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