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Faber aerarius
Craftsman who worked with copper or bronze.

Faber argentarius
Craftsman who worked with silver.

Faber aurarius
Craftsman who worked with gold.

Faber ferramentarius
Smith, locksmith.

Faber marmorarius
Expression which until the 4th c.a.D. designated the craftsman who worked with marble, the sculptor and he who cut precious stones.

Faber tiginarius
Craftsman who worked with wood.

Fabri cisarii
Craftsman who made cars.

Fabri navales
Craftsman who made boats.

Falcula viniatica
Knife for cutting the grapes from the vine.

Bronze arab coin.

Falx arboraria
Agricultural instrument for pruning.

Falx messoria
Sickle used for cutting weeds and crops.

Falx rustaria
See falx arboraria.

Falx vinatoria
Vine pruning knife.

Fronton that crowned the central part of a building and, for analogy, the top of an votive altar.

Type of pin for securing clothing.

The emperors Vespasian, Titus and Dominitian (69-96 a.D.) members of the gens Flavia.

Silver plated bronze coin, similar to the as of the Early Roman Empire.

Pincers with are extracted the roots of the teeth and the cysts.

Monumental centre of political, civil, cultural and religious life.

Zone of the planking among to architrave and the cornice.

Cold water room in the Roman baths.

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