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Educational support for school visits »
Suggestions for visit bookings
Support materials for teachers
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Educational support for school visits

Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga's structures, either
physical or concerning the museum staff, may not
ensure electronic visit bookings. This is as worrying as
school visit bookings are seasoned and require a
museum-school interactivity, which at the moment can
not yet be electronically ensured. So, please download
the application form, fill it out, and return it to the museum
by mail it by fax.

Suggestions for visit bookings

The option between an active versus a passive learning
activity makes the difference between a school trip and an effective study tour. Due to the lack of dialogue between school programmes and museum educational programmes, the tour is often approached without motivation or guidance. In these conditions students hardly enjoy the cultural heritage. This does not happen when there is a planning procedure and the exploitation of the study visit results. If that happens, the developed work starts to make sense, though allowing a space for fun and joy. Confronted with questions, with different paths to follow and with goals to meet, the student actively starts to search for answers and raising questions, as intended, hence enriching and consolidating his/her school knowledge.

Conimbriga receives more than 200 thousand annual visitors, 50 thousand being students integrated in educational groups. Providing these tours with an effective and interesting content is a challenge we have to answer. However, this answer can only be achieve if a co-operative work between the interested parts takes place. If you want to be sure of coming on the day of your choice, please give as much notice as possible. Do not plan for more than 100/120 person per visit. Do as small class groups as you can and within the same educational level preferably.


Support materials for teachers

For an efficient tour, the monitors must know the bare minimum about the place they are going to visit. From that point on, they may choose the kind of visit that best meets their needs and, hence, determine the strategies and tools for a better learning. The educational support that the museum can give in helping educators in this task it is manly focused on school visits. In planning visit strategies there are three procedures that should be taken in account, with some flexibility, to understand the mentioned places:

1 - Establishment of an activity programme guiding the tour and appropriate for working groups no bigger than a class, or working groups of 7 to 10 people, preferably, monitored by a tutor.

2 - Readjustment of the field planning throughout dialogue with the museum service and with CEFOP-Conimbriga, prior to the students visit.

3 - Preparation of a Result exploitation Plan The intended support may vary depending on the particular needs of each institution or educational project.

The available materials contain enough and systematised information to give motivating and to allow the visit planning. In general terms, namely:

"Ruínas de Conimbriga" ("Ruins of Conimbriga", Eng.), which is an archaeological guide;

Permanent Exhibition questionnaire and/or Museum Catalogue;

Conimbriga leaflet (edited by Jornal Público);

Educational video "Ao Encontro da História" ("Meeting History", Eng.), an introduction to the ruins visit available in video tape (24 min.);

Curriculum regionalization manual "Opidium de Conimbriga e as Terras de Sicó" ("Conimbriga Oppidium and the lands of Sicó", Eng.) and its appendix "Plantas úteis de Conimbriga - Sicó" ("Useful Plants of Conimbriga", Eng.), with visit information and alternatives walking routes, mapped and documented throughout the eight guide landscape units;

Guidebook "Dicionário de Motivos Geométricos no Mosaico Romano" ("Geometric motives in the Roman mosaics Dictionary", Eng.), to develop themes such as geometric figures (MAT.) and pattern modules (EVT).

These products can be acquired directly in the museum or ordered by mail. These are also available to schools from CEFOP-Conimbriga on a month-loan basis. An invoice should be directed to the CEFOP-Conimbriga (Address: Liga de Amigos de Conimbriga, Museu Monográfico, 3150, Condeixa). On request, if booked, a slideshow about the interpretation of the archaeological site (18min.) and is available as well an educational video "Ao Encontro da História" ("Meeting History", Eng.), which may be exhibited in the auditorium (100 places). Teachers, educators and monitors may also have access to the museum library and make use of multimedia products available from the Liga de Amigos de Conimbriga and from the CEFOP-Conimbriga. Departing from Conimbriga, in connection with bus -walking routes, alternative walking routes can be established for the discovery of the not well-known cartsick landscape of Sicó, a unique and valuable natural cultural heritage.

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