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The archaeological evidence tels us
that Conimbriga was inhabited, at least,
between the IX century B.C. and VII-VIII a.D.

When the Romans arrived, in the second
half of the I st century B.C.,
Conimbriga was a florescent village.
Thanks to the peace established in Lusitania
a quick romanisation of the indigenous
population was took place and Conimbriga became
a prosperous town.

Following the deep
political and administrative crisis
of the Empire, Conimbriga suffered
the consequences of the barbaric
invasions. In 465 and in 468 Suabii captured
and plundered partially the town ,
abandoned by part of its population.

Conimbriga nowadays is an area
designated as national monument,
defined by ordnance in 1910.

Come to visit these ruins

Virtual Visit to the Ruins
Visit the Ruins, through panoramics. These panoramics
are to linked each other, being able to do the visit in
just one operation.
Before selecting thel virtual visit option you need to
install QTVR. Each panoramic has 400 kb approximately.
Note: this visit is not accessible for persons with
special needs.
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