Secção Ruínas
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.01 Amphitheatre
.02 House of Andercus
.03 House of Cantaber
.04 House of the Swastika
.05 House of Tancinus
.06 House of Valerius Daphinus
.07 House of the Apsidal Medianum
.08 House of theTrident and of the Sword
.09 House of the Skeletons
.10 House of the Fountains
.11 House of Solidi
.12 Buildings to North of the Forum
.13 Building to West of the House of Cantaber
.14 Buildings to West of the Baths
.15 Building of the patera Emanuel
.16 Building of the stone-quarry
.17 Building of the street of the patera Emanuel
.18 Building of the latrines of the Forum
.19 Building near the "Portas do Sol"
.20 Building of Condeixa-a-Velha
.21 Building of the sector JX
.22 Porticoed Building to East of the Forum
.23 Forum
.24 Great Southern Bahts
.25 Insula to North of Baths
.26 Insula to West of the Forum
.27 Insula of the Phallus vase
.28 Insula of the Aqueduct
.29 Insula of the Viaduct
.30 Stores South of the Road
.31 Baths of the Wall
.32 Baths of the Aqueduct

Mapa das Ruinas de Conimbriga
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