Secção Ruínas
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Surveys directed by Virgílio H.
Correia in 1993.

Available documentation:
In archive.

Brief description:
Great public monument whose
reconstruction detail is not
possible with the available data.

Bibliography of the excavation:
Correia 1994.

Other bibliographical references:
Alarcão 1992.

Mapa das Ruinas de Conimbriga, com o Anfiteatro selecionado
Fotos alusivas ao Anfiteatro. Este link abre uma nova janela Foto do anfiteatro

The great building, of about 90 x 60m, could harbour more than four thousand spectators; it was built in the end of the julio-claudian period, taking advantage of a natural canyon that surrounded the city by the North.

Destroyed in the end of the III century or beginnings of IV century when the late imperial wall was built, and used as source of materials, the amphitheatre is one of the monuments in better state of conservation, because all the inferior floor was conserved under the dumps of the demolition. It is nowadays the subject of an investigation and presentation project.

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